The Lord Calverts






The Lord Calverts: An explosive collection of all-original 60’s-influenced garage rock/power pop from the New York City-based quintet, but with a sound that is absolutely current: fast, catchy and rude. Produced by Askold Buk and Jed Becker.

One Flew Under

One Flew Under is a dynamic electro indie duo. Creating raw, honest and introspective atmospheres; capturing the beauty in darkness.

Shelley Segal

Honored to have “Holy Man,” which I wrote with Shelley Segal, chosen as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. It’s the title track from Shelley’s EP release Holy, which I produced.

Fawn Segerson



Fawn and Askold are working together as FA, creating cinematic, edgy and seductive songs. Fawn is a singer/songwriter from New York City with a unique style that’s a perfect blend of retro sultriness and modern innocence.

Beacon Hill

Co-wrote, with Kati Mac (who also performed the vocal), and produced the title song “Hurricane” to the web series “Beacon Hill.

Rob Dye

Rob and Askold write Americana, country and roots music. Rob is a Jersey Shore-based artist whose music is a melting pot of classic, time-honored American musical styles and lyrical themes.

Susan D

Susan D has worked with Wilson Pickett, Spyro Gyra, Jennifer Hudson, David Byrne, J. Geils, Enya and many others. Her CD “Home” is a collection of catchy, upbeat tunes written by her and Askold, and showcases the rock side of her powerful, emotional voice. Produced by Askold Buk and Susan D. Askold also co-wrote and produced Susan D’s timely and powerful song “The Way.”

Brando’s Spoon

Composed, with Steve Williams, and produced the soundtrack to the upcoming short “Brando’s Spoon.